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"Justin Randal Beebe was a man of great character and humbleness.  He lost his life on August 13, 2016 while cutting a hazard tree during suppression efforts on the Strawberry Fire, Great Basin National Park, Nevada.  Born in Bellows Falls, Vermont, Justin grew up with a strong connection to people and a deep love of the natural world.  In high school, he exceeded at soccer, hockey, and sugaring of maple syrup.  Justin sought challenges and pushed himself to achieve his goals, becoming a team member of the Lolo Hotshots in 2016.  We remember Justin for his quiet and generous nature, a kind and thoughtful manner, an always positive attitude and friendly smile, and that tireless work ethic.  He was a simple man with large dreams who will be forever missed by all who knew him."

Tim Laroche and Shawn Faiella

Strawberry Fire Fatality Report


Lolo Interagency Hotshots, Strawberry Fire, GBNP

Lolo and Sacrament IHC, Missoula, MT (2016)


Lolo and Sacrament IHC Reunite, Beeskove Fire, Lolo NF, MT (2019)

Justin Beebe's locker at our "clubhouse", Missoula, MT.  Justin will always have a locker...

National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Weekend

October 2017

Emmitsburg, MD

National Fallen Firefighter Memorial Statue, Emmitsburg, MD

Justin had a strong love for hockey.  Annual "Fire and Ice" game in Missoula, MT (2018) where wildland firefighters play city firefighters.  In memory of our fallen brother...

In honor of Justin and his contributions to the Lolo IHC program we created the "Beebe Strong" award to recognize an outstanding temporary employee each season.  Justin was a remarkable young man.  He worked diligently to become a Lolo Hotshot and teammember.  The honoree is chosen by his or her peers and strives to act in accordance with Justin's commitment to being an outstanding hotshot, co worker, and human being.   

Beebe Strong Recipients...

2017 Jake Bauer:  Jake grew up in Superior, MT and worked for the Superior RD from 2012-14.  He arrived at Lolo IHC in (2015-18).  Jake has been a primary lead sawyer for 2-seasons and is honored and extremely humbled to be the first recipient of the Beebe strong award.  "Through this award and the memories we have of Justin, his presence with us and all Lolo hotshots will not be forgotten."

2018 Kevin Ryan:  Kevin grew up and graduated high school in Superior, MT.  After high school he worked in the timber industry as a sawyer, mill worker, and heavy equipment operator.  In 2014, Kevin began working for the Forest Service at the Superior RD, Lolo NF on the fuels crew, gaining experience in fuels, prescribed and wildfire.  He arrived at Lolo IHC (2017-18) operating as a lead sawyer.  He was presented the Beebe Strong Award in 2018, “words cannot explain how much of a humbling experience it was to accept that from my peers.”

2019 Martin Norment:  Martin, or “Marty,” grew up in upstate New York, attended college at State University of New York The College at Brockport, and spent six years in the US Army Reserve. In 2015 he worked for the Student Conservation Association on a veteran fire crew on the Big Horn National Forest in Wyoming. In 2017 Martin accepted a position on Lolo IHC and in 2019 operated as lead sawyer. His seniors and peers selected him for the 2019 Beebe Strong Award, “I am extremely fortunate to have found such a fulfilling organization to be a part of. I am honored to receive the Beebe Strong Award and will strive carry on Justin’s memory.”

2020 Samuel Evridge: Sam was born in Iowa and raised in Spearfish, SD.  In 2016, Sam began working for the Forest Service in the Black Hills on a 10-person IA module gaining valuable experience in initial attack and chainsaw operations.  Sam came to Lolo IHC in 2019 and has served as a sawyer since.  Known by his peers as "stoked and excited" he exhibits the fundamental hotshot values of great attitude, hard work, and dedication.  "I am honored and humbled to have been chosen for the Beebe Strong Award by my fellow firefighters.  In this I hope to carry on Justin's legacy of hard work and commitment."

2021 Benjamin Huss:  Ben was born and raised in the Chicagoland area. In 2014 Ben joined the United States Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Pendleton up until 2018. The following year Ben accepted a position on the Missoula Ranger District where he worked for 2 seasons attaining skills and knowledge of the job. During the 2020 season Ben was given the opportunity to be an alternate for Lolo IHC and given a look into critical and crew life on assignment. In 2021 Ben joined Lolo IHC, and later that season was awarded the Beebe Strong award by his peers and seniors. “When you know the type of people on Lolo IHC, paired with the legacy Justin left with this crew. Receiving such an award from my peers is an honor that I will work to uphold for the remainder of my life.”

2022 Connor Moore: Connor was born in Lenexa, KS and went to college at the University of Kansas. He worked in business for two years following graduation but decided he wanted to try out wildland firefighting. He got on a Type 6 Engine with the DNRC in Helena in 2020. He worked there for two seasons and wanted to get on with a hotshot crew for his third. Luckily, he landed with Lolo IHC for the 2022 season. "This is the most meaningful reward I have ever received. It means the world coming from crew members that I have looked up to and tried to emulate from the day I started. I will continue to try to uphold the standard Justin set for us."

2023 Lance Hewitt: Lance grew up in Great Falls, MT. In 2013 he came to Missoula for college, and after graduation decided to do wildland firefighting.  In 2018 Lance began his wildland fire employment with the MT DNRC and remained there for three seasons. During my third season, he was fortunate enough the meet the Lolo Hotshots on a fire in Eastern Montana.  In 2021 Lance landed a position with Lolo IHC.  “The legacy and impact that Justin continues to have on this crew and its culture, as well as the people that make up the Lolo IHC, make it hard to find the words to express how grateful I am to receive this award. I’m extremely honored and humbled and will strive to carry on the values and legacy that Justin has brought to Lolo and its culture.”


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