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2018 Lolo IHC Tribute Mural by Barry Lee

Lolo Interagency Hotshots, Bringham Fire, Apache-Sitgreaves NF, Arizona, 2020


Vacancy announcement numbers for temporary and permanent positions will be posted as available.  Open application periods for temporary hiring will be from 10/01/2020 - 10/11/2020 (11-days).  See document below titled 2021 Temporary Hiring Outreach for more information.  


Open application periods for permanent positions will be from 10/26/2020 - 11/13/2020.  We currently have an open position at the squad leader level that we will fill during the 2021 fire hire event.  The squad leader position is currently outreached - see document below.  Information (VA #'s, timelines, etc.) for permanent hiring can also be found in the documents below.

Given the current situation with COVID and our hotshot facility operating under strict visitation rules, we will not be conducting face to face interviews during the fall/spring 2020/21 hiring season.  We will be doing phone interviews only.  No exceptions.  We will get a hold of you when the season slows during the fall/winter months.  If we do not receive a recruitment form you will not be contacted.  DO NOT call us unless we touch base with you.    

Thanks for your interest in our program.

0462-Squad Leader Outreach 2021

R1 2021 Perm Fire Hire OCR Outreach

R1 2021 Perm Fire Hire Outreach

R1 2021 Temporary Hire Outreach