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Welcome to the unofficial website of the Lolo Interagency Hotshots

2018 Lolo IHC Tribute Mural by Barry Lee

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Lolo Interagency Hotshots, 2023


Lolo Interagency Hotshots, Critical Training, Night Medical Simulation, 2023

2023 Mission Statement (created by the crew collectively)


"We affirm our commitment to serving the public through the protection of our communities and public lands.  As an organization we provide a highly skilled, reliable, and dedicated team capable of overcoming diverse challenges.  We will care for the safety and well-being of another while maintaining a work environment that promotes learning and leadership.  We will uphold the legacy of our past Lolo Hotshots while striving for relentless forward progress.

IGNE NATURA REVOVATUR INTEGRA – Through fire everything is reborn.” 



TEMP hiring
: Open application period for temporary positions in USA Jobs has closed (effective 11/13/2023).   

PERM Hiring: The open application period for permanent positions in USA Jobs has closed (effective 09/29/2023).

We will fill 3 GS-5 Senior FF's (18/8) and 1 GS-7/8 Assistant SUPT (PFT) positions during Fire Hire Phase 1 (December 2023).


We appreciate the interest in our program.  Thoroughly read our website for more information about Lolo IHC.  Continually check this site for hiring information when it becomes available mid-to-late summer for the 25' season.  


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