Temporary and permanent applications will be submitted through USA Jobs (  Vacancy announcement numbers are typically open from August to mid-October.  Check our homepage "news" section for hiring developments, vacancy announcement numbers/outreaches, timelines, and general applicant information.  Applicant selections for both permanent and temporary positions are typically finalized in December/January.      
We cannot stress the importance of filling out our recruitment form (geared more for temporary applicants).  When you submit your recruitment form you will be placed on an email roster.  As information (dates, vacancy announcement numbers, hiring process, etc.) comes available we will get in contact with you via email.  

If you have any additional questions about the hiring process please direct them to: 

Shawn Faiella  - Superintendent                    

Cody Forgea - Squad Leader

Martin Norment - Lead FF                

District Fire Experience
The Lolo Interagency Hotshots are housed in the Missoula Ranger District of the Lolo NF.  Lolo IHC and district fire staff (Missoula, 9-Mile, Superior, Seeley, and Plains-Thompson Falls) work with another during wild and prescribed fire, district project work, and trainings.  We have developed a strong working relationship with another and many of the district supervisors were a part of Lolo IHC at some point in their career.  Their input into our program is respected.  On the district you can gain valuable, quality baseline experience in wildland and prescribed fire, mentoring, communication, and sawyer skills during project work in western fuel types.  Lolo IHC highly encourages applicants to reach out to the districts for employment as well.   

Missoula Ranger District                                

Jake Fallis (Engine Captain)                                                     


9-Mile Ranger District

Theoden Johnson (Engine Captain)

Superior Ranger District                                

John Perrin (Engine Captain)                                             


Plains-Thompson Falls Ranger District

Rocky Wagoner (Engine Captain)


Missoula Ranger District

The Missoula Ranger District fire program is a diverse and high tempo program that values professionalism and teamwork.  The Missoula RD staffs two type 6 and one type 4 engine. Employees gain a wide base of training and experience with engines, hand crews, aviation, and fuels management.  On the Missoula RD employees can expect a program that values hard productive work, diversity, inclusiveness and individual development.  Each crewmember is expected to contribute to the crew and challenge themselves in their development.

Missoula RD works with individuals that have interest in pursuing experience on a type 1 crew and provide the baseline experiences that many of these crews are looking for. Although nothing is guaranteed, employees that contribute to the crew and show the ability to perform at a type one level may be given an opportunity to be an alternate or a fill-in with Lolo IHC or others.  The Missoula RD works closely with Lolo IHC. 

The Missoula RD works hard to hire, develop, and train individuals that look to pursue advancement in fire. We run a strong PT program and work to stay busy at all times. We regularity thin and slash when not assigned on fires.  The district can have a moderate to high fire load depending on the season and regularly has large fires on both the forest and district.  If you have interest in the Missoula Ranger District please contact Jake Fallis, Engine Captain at

Superior Ranger District

The Superior Ranger District consists mostly of semi-arduous to arduous forested lands in Mineral County. Our district is a 100% fire suppression program, choosing to manage wildfire through timber harvest and prescribed fire activities.

Yearly wildfire suppression activities range from Moderate to Heavy in addition to accomplishing roughly 1,000 acres of ignition on prescribed fire units. As seasonal conditions allow, our employees are made available for assignments regionally and nationally. When not engaged in wildfire suppression, the focus is hazardous fuels reduction in preparation for prescribed fire. Our employees utilize chainsaws on a daily basis and will become quite proficient with its use day in day out.

Our program consists of 30-32 employees between Fire and Fuels. We staff one Type 6 engine, one Type 4 engine, one Type 2 water tender and several initial attack squads on district. Daily vehicle assignments vary to increase proficiency with all the equipment. The general length of the work season is from the beginning of March to the end of October with some opportunities existing outside that time frame for those who are willing. Our employees enjoy a well-rounded experience in fire suppression, prescribed fire, engines, handcrews, initial attack modules, and fuels management with a chainsaw.

Government housing is available in the town of St. Regis, which is 13 miles away on the interstate. Space is limited and occupants will have a roommate.

If you have any questions or have interest in our program, feel free to contact any one of the Hiring Managers below:

Lolo IHC Alternate Program

The Lolo IHC has a strong alternate program where district fire staff (all 5 Lolo NF districts) selects an individual (s) to merge with the crew for a 2-week assignment.  Alternates attend critical training at the beginning of the season to become acquainted with crew staff, operational tempo, expectations and SOP’s.  Generally, alternates have worked a couple of seasons with the districts and have expressed interest in joining a hotshot crew.  They show a commitment to shared core values, hard work, and safety on the fireline.  Acquiring an alternate position is not a guarantee.  It is granted through dedication to the district programs and development. 

The Lolo IHC is interested in promoting the growth of alternates and looks strongly at hiring those individuals for the following season.  Selection into the district fire program is additionally competitive and difficult.  It should not be just a means to get to Lolo IHC.  It is an earned opportunity that will facilitate your professional development.  
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