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2018 Lolo IHC Tribute Mural by Barry Lee

Lolo Interagency Hotshots, Region 3, 2022


Lolo Interagency Hotshots, Alaska, 2022


The crew has returned home from our fifth assignment, Lolo and Flathead NF, MT.    

Hiring:  There is a change in the dates for temporary application periods.  Please read below!

Temporary/seasonal positions for the 2023 season will be open from 9/29/2022 - 10/6/2022 in USA Jobs (8-day open application period). 

Permanent positions for the 2023 season will be open from 9/9/2022 - 10/17/2022 in USA Jobs.  Outreach and Vacancy Announcement Numbers posted below.  

Vacancy announcement numbers for temporary/seasonal and permanent positions have not been generated.  When available, they will be posted on this website with further instructions.

We appreciate the interest in our program.  Thoroughly read our website for more information about Lolo IHC.  Complete a recruitment form so we can file your information into our applicant database.  

Alumni: we are still missing crew pics from the following years.  1990, 1981, 1980, 1977, 1975, 1974, 1973, 1961-1970.  If you or any of your family members have crew pics from those years, please forward to loloturns60@gmail.com    

R1 2023 Fire Hire Outreach Permanent Positions, Phase 2c