60th Anniversary: 1961-2021


Happy Birthday Lolo Hotshots! It's been a heck of a run through hard times and good, long days on the road, late nights on the line but always with a team around to keep things going. As we look to this 60th year, we hope to reconnect with everyone who put on the shirt, hopped in the trucks and headed out to give their all in service to this country, agency, forest and crew. From superintendents to crewmembers, squad leaders to alternates, we sincerely hope you will reach out and reconnect with your fellow "Lolos." A season takes twenty, but sixty seasons takes a community and we look forward to celebrating that community.

While nobody wants to celebrate their 60th birthday during a pandemic, we are going to make the best of the situation as hotshots have been known to do a time or two throughout the years. No in person gatherings are planned at this time although we fully intend to bring this group together as soon as we feel it is safe to do so. Fall 2021 would be the soonest possible gathering and given the logistics, that decision will be made by early summer. Should the fall come and go, we will look to spring 2022 and make it a belated birthday party! In the mean time, we will be gathering contact information for any and all past and present crew who wish to be kept informed. Please take a moment and fill out the following google form if you wish to be kept apprised of the event or purchase crew apparel:


We have commemorated the 60th year with a shirt (pictured above/below) which is a throwback from 1982 (the original silk screens were still on file) slightly updated for the occasion. At the link above, you will also find crew apparel. We will place an order this spring for anyone wanting a commemorative shirt and capable of picking up in Missoula. For all other apparel and those requiring delivery, we will place those orders September 1.

Finally, we are also using this opportunity to gather pictures, videos, stories or memories of you time on the crew. We want to capture as much of the last 60 years as we can and will accept anything you are willing to share. Some of those, along with some other ongoing projects, will be shared whenever we do have a chance to gather. Please spread the word. The 1 page flyer below is available for sharing.

Feel free to reach out via email: loloturns60@gmail.com or contact Greg Anderson @ 406-396-1614.

Lolo 60th Anniversary Flyer